34 feet (standing)—19 feet (quads)
tracking sightlessfreak
M!A: None
Independent TFP OC
Status: In desperate need of Energon.
Scout has MPD: Multiple Personality Disorder. He has four personalities:
  1. Scout: Regular, most dominant personality. This is the real him. He is very primitive, and canine-like. He's extremely friendly toward others, and will often familiarize himself with others via their taste and or scent. Scout is unaware of the other personalities. Voice
  2. It: It is the second most dominant personality. He is self-destructive, and hates Scout for being weak. It is mentally the strongest of all of the personalities.
  3. Scuffle: Scuffle is the third most dominant personality. He only shows up when Scout hears an unpleasantly familiar sound that provokes Scuffle to come out. Ninety percent of the time Scuffle is active, he covers, cries, and hides. He is the sparkling/youngling personality that remembers the most horrific details of the past. He doesn't want to be touched by anyone.
  4. ???: ??? Is a violent personality. He remembers everything. His job is to prevent Scout himself from remembering the past, via death. ??? will do anything to Scout's body to kill him. ??? Has ripped off limbs before. He will also attack anyone nearby. ??? terrifies It. ??? will not emerge unless forced to. Voice

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